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Jankola Library and Slovak Museum exists to promote and preserve Slovak intellectual and cultural life by providing books and reading material and exhibiting artificats memorabilia that pertain to Slovak and Slavic history, language, literature, fine arts, spirituality and science for all people who honor and cherish the faith and heritage of their ancestors.


The Jankola Library and Slovak Museum, a unique and specialized  source of information, is maintained and supported by the Congregation of the Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius, a religious congregation established in 1909 by Father Matthew Jankola (1872-1916), an immigrant priest from Slovakia.  Since Father Jankola’s first purpose for founding a religious congregation of teachers was to promote and preserve Slovak faith and culture, the Sisters chose to name the Library in  his memory.

The history of this prestigious center began in the mid-1940’s when collections of books, papers, and artifacts pertaining to Slovak history, poetry, and literature were arbitrarily being sent to the Sisters.  Over the years the materials  accumulated from all over the world. In 1968  Sister M. Martina Tybor, SS.C.M., an outstanding scholar, teacher, poet, translator, and author catalogued these valuable materials and laid the foundation for what has become Jankola Library.

Sisters of Sts. Cyril and Methodious

Grants from the four Slovak Catholic Fraternal Societies, namely, First Catholic Slovak Union (Jednota); First Catholic Slovak Ladies’ Association;  Ladies’ Pennsylvania Slovak Catholic Union; and Slovak Catholic Sokol provide an invaluable source of income to sustain the life of Jankola Library.   Individual donations, corporate contributions, bequests, and memorials are also gratefully accepted to help keep the Library relevant  for interested researchers.

First Catholic Slovak Ladies Union
PS Slovak Catholic Union
Slovak Catholic Sokol


Sister M. Mercedes Voytko, SS.C.M. succeeded Sister M. Martina Tybor as Director of the Jankola Library (1992-2007).  One of her major accomplishments was the organization of the valuable artifacts which had been donated to the Library.  With the generous and dedicated assistance of Sister Mercedes’ sister, Ms. Catherine Voytko,  they properly categorized  and artistically exhibited many treasured items.  Assisting with this daunting and time-consuming task, the members of The Northeast Pennsylvania Slovak Heritage Society  volunteered  their time, talent, and energy to fulfill  the mission of  Jankola Library and Slovak Museum.

In September, 2007, Sister M. John Vianney Vranak, SS.C.M. accepted the responsibility as Director of the Jankola Library and Slovak Museum.  Building on the foundation laid by her predecessors, she hopes to broaden the services of the Library and Museum so that scholars, researchers and visitors, would benefit from the valuable materials preserved in Jankola Library and Slovak Museum.

Sister M. John Vianney Vranak, SS.C.M. completed her tenure as Director of Jankola Library and Slovak Museum in 2010. The Congregation of the Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius endorsed Sister M. Catherine Laboure Bresnock, SS.C.M. as Director of Jankola Library and Slovak Museum and Sister Loretta Marie Hrubec, SS.C.M. as Librarian to continue the mission of the library and museum which is to preserve and promote the history, heritage, culture and traditions of our faith-filled Slovak ancestors as well as to provide the necessary resources for research scholars.


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